Are You Excited Now That You Get To Pay Double For PowerBall Tickets…With Same Winning Odds For “The Big Winner” As You Had For Only A Buck?


How do you feel about PowerBall doubling the price to 2 bucks…without even an iota of anything resembling a customer survey to see how we feel about it?

They claim that you will receive better odds of winning. It seems to me that most people play it with the dream to hit the “big one”…NOT one of the lesser prizes. Well the odds for the big one are still 1:175,223,510….That is no different than before.

Now if you match just the PowerBall, you get $4….But wait…at only a dollar, you received $3…Shouldn’t it be more than $6 if it is now better?

It is like this all the way up the payout line. Get this…If you hit 3 numbers and the MegaBall on the $1 MegaMillions game, you receive $150. However, on PowerBall, you STILL only receive a hundred bucks…Even though you are paying twice as much for your ticket!

OK…So maybe 4 balls plus the PowerBall will put you in the chips…WRONG…It is still 10 grand…The same amount you get for a buck on MegaMillions!

But hey you say, the prizes are upped dramatically with the power play…OK…so now you are paying a minimum of 3 bucks for ONE ticket??? NOT ME!

Five white balls are now a million rather than a hundred thousand…and we know how often that is hit…Right?

Folks, if you feel that PowerBall has taken advantage and are draining even more of your hard earned dollars for this pipe dream…QUIT LAYING DOWN AND TAKING IT WITH A WIMPER!

There is an option to keep your money in your pocket without accepting this double, in most states. The MegaMillions is still a buck. If they see enough of you refusing this ONE HUNDRED PERCENT increase in PowerBall tickets…They WILL NOT follow suit and raise their price.

Please…Join with me and BOYCOTT POWERBALL. Show them that you have the power to NOT accept such an outrageous ONE HUNDRED PERCENT price increase to play the game.

Let’s face it folks…The lotteries are a regressive tax placed on the people who can least afford it already. This is nothing more than another government power grab of your hard earned cash.

If you continue to play as always…They will know that this is a great way to continue to grab you hard earned dollars…while providing a highly unlikely dream as the carrot.

Keep playing as always…and look for the $5 price tag in the future….After all, if you do nothing about this, they will know that this is an easy way to bigger profits to cover the out of control spending YOUR state is doing!